The Florida Million is a $500 + $50 buy-in poker tournament with a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Day 2 begins at 1:00 p.m. on April 9th at the Orange Park Poker Room!

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The Florida Million is one large tournament played from multiple locations and paying the top 10% of the total registered players. Here is how it works:

Play Day One

Players buy in to max 150 player "Day One" Events throughout the state. "Day One" Events are available throughout the month of March at 6 locations.

Advance to the money

Each "Day One" event pauses play when the field reaches 10% (aka "The Money"). At this point, all remaining players have their identification information and chip stacks forwarded to the host location. All 10% players are "in the money".

Play for the money

Play resumes at the host location on April 9th, where the remaining players from all of the "Day One" events compete for the prize pool from all of the "Day One" events.

The largest prize pool in Florida tournament history.

Seven poker rooms throughout the state are working together to offer the second Florida Million tournament. The inaugural Florida Million featured the largest overall player pool and the largest prize pool that Florida poker players have experienced. Together, the 7 poker rooms are guaranteeing a minimum prize pool of $500,000!

A unique format to allow players throughout the state to compete from "their" rooms.

By using a multiple-location format, players are able to play in the Florida Million tournament in one of seven locations! Players can register and play in "Day One" events, which will have a maximum field of 150 players that will play down to 10% of the field. The remaining 10% from each "Day One" event will resume play at the host location on April 9th. This event's host location is the Jacksonville Poker Rooms at Orange Park and St. Johns.

Participating rooms for the Florida Million III are:

The host location for the third event will be the Jacksonville Poker Rooms.